Participation and Project Mission

Corbin House


General Understanding of Participation and Project Mission





Corbin House was established to be an Alcohol and Drug Free Environment. We do not provide any alcohol or drug recovery or treatment services, nor do we provide any medical or personal care services to participants. Participants are selected on the basis of a strong motivation to, and a willingness to maintain a sober lifestyle above all else. This must include being active in 12 Step AA Meetings, social activities such as attending Christian based Church and must be working with a 12 step sponsor. Participants are required to meet one on one with the program Director at least once per week or more if it is necessary.


Corbin House is not a bed or room for rent service. This is a home where participants will live in a positive, healthy and safe recovery supportive environment. Participation at Corbin House is subject to termination at any time should any Rules be violated.


The success of Corbin House is supported with the encouragement of the participants to organize a democratic type culture designed to provide the participants with a sense of belonging and responsibility and to inspire participation as a family unit. Corbin House is built on honesty, honor, respect, and healthy behaviors which in return provide recovering persons the ability to begin to manage their own lives.

Corbin House believes that we all need to feel a sense of belonging and of purpose in order to be a productive part of our communities and in life. The healing of relationships with family and friends is an important part of recovery since many times much damage has occurred as a result of our addictions. We believe that long-term success in these areas is best attained by those with a sincere commitment to a recovery first attitude and intention.

The leaders of Corbin House are committed to and will respond to participants’ needs and concerns.  


Recovery Activities:


Resident initiated and maintained recovery activities may be held on the Corbin House property with permission of Staff. Staff will coach, inspire and persuade residents to become responsible for their recovery activities.  Recovery meetings and activities may be initiated and operated by the participants with Staff approval.  


 Recovery Planning:


Personal recovery from alcohol addiction is the sole responsibility of each individual.  Corbin House does not provide any social service assistance, however participants are free to assist each other.


    Resident Rules:


Corbin House Rules have been designed to assure the health, safety and mutual respect of the participants.


A separate list of these rules will be included as part of the entry paperwork. The “House Rules” must be read, agreed upon and signed prior to entry into the house. The “House Rules” do not constitute a recovery program. They are rules that must be adhered to in order to continue participation in Corbin House.


Participants in Corbin House are required to have a minimum of one house meeting per week. Meetings are limited to conflict resolution. These issues may include but are not limited to, cooperation of peers, cleanliness of the house, safety, etc. House meetings may not include any individual recovery or personal growth planning or discussion.


After 30 days of participation, overnight passes may be granted and in only in certain cases. Laurance will be the sole decider and will determine the eligibility of a participant to obtain an overnight pass. A meeting with Staff and the participant must take place to evaluate the need and the benefit of the overnight pass. Pass requests must be made at least 72 hours prior to the planned absence. At a minimum, in order to receive an overnight pass, you must be following all house rules such as but not limited to; chore completion, honoring curfew and visiting hours. Shared housing expense participation must be current.


      Peer Structure:


Corbin House maintains a reasonable expectation that participants will generally supervise and police themselves. Staff however is the final say in guiding the group.




Records containing personal data from the application and acceptance documents as well as a perpetual compliance of house rules record, and all other documents signed by the participant will be maintained in a file.


Sign in and out sheets will be maintained for such time as a participant remains in the house


A payment of fees record will also be maintained. This record could include but is not limited to information regarding fees due, date paid and method of payment.


An Emergency Information Sheet will also be maintained in order for a designated person to be contacted in the event of an individual emergency.


All records will be maintained in the highest confidence and only provided to those persons of lawful jurisdiction.




Residents are responsible to maintain the house and the grounds in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.



Goods and Services:


Corbin House provides local phone service only. Unlimited long-distance service may or may not be provided, however directory assistance is never provided. Residents may keep a personal cell phone or use a prepaid phone card.


A computer with high speed internet (Professional or educational use only. No games, pornography or adult services may be accessed. No files of any type are to be downloaded) may be provided. Use of personal computers, chrome books or tablets are allowed in the house by participants only with the permission of the Program Director.


No television services are guaranteed to be provided. An over the air HD antenna will be provided and participants may use Streaming Services.


Washer and dryer are provided. Laundry detergent may be provided for those who request it due to a hardship. No other laundry supplies are provided.


A complete, fully functional, kitchen is provided with both dry and refrigerated storage capacity for each resident. Basic pots, pans, dishes and glasses as well as cooking and eating utensils are provided.


No food is supplied. Coffee may be provided. 


In addition to any items previously listed, the shared housing fee also provides you with shared sleeping quarters, electricity, gas, refuse, water and gardener. Residents are responsible for pulling weeds.


Corbin House provides basic accommodations such as but not limited to, bed, all bed linens, personal item storage, towels, designated eating area, television, typical household furniture, toilet paper, vacuum cleaner and general cleaning supplies as necessary to maintain the home in a clean and sanitary condition.


participants will supply their own personal hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, clothing and shoes.


Board games, barbeque grill, outdoor furniture may be provided.


Items listed as “may be provided” are just that. They are not guaranteed as part of the shared expense fee, whether they were or were not provided at any time.


Space for storage is limited. All items must fit in designated areas. Staff will determine the acceptability of any items or the number of items that may be brought into the house. Garage storage is not acceptable without permission.





Corbin House is directed by a recovered alcoholic.  Our mission is to be of service to others who have a strong desire to recover from alcohol abuse and drug abuse. A great deal of time, energy and funding goes into the maintenance of Corbin House. The real success of Corbin House lies with the participants’ ability to face the continuing challenge of inducing, stimulating and enthusiastically encouraging recovery in the environment.